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The iPhone 4s is the latest craze these days. It is the newest smartphone launched by Apple last October 4, 2011. A day before Apple’s founder Steve Jobs died.  Among its many new features is Siri the personal assistant application for the iOS5. It is an intelligent software assistant which uses a natural language user interface which can perform actions, make recommendations and answer questions.

Siri was initially developed for all smartphones including BlackBerry and Android powered phones, but the development for other platforms were scrubbed after Apple Inc. purchased the program in April 2010. Siri supports English (US, UK, Australian), French and German, although its functions may be limited outside the US or depending on the cellular provider.

According to Apple, with Siri “your wish is its command”. It can make phone calls, schedule meetings, send messages and make reminders to name a few. Siri “understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back”. You can tell it to tell your wife you will be late, ask it to call your friends and to give you directions to the nearest restaurant of your preference. It can also search the web for things you want to know and play music that you want to hear.

Siri’s “sassy personality” has been welcomed by most, especially her witty remarks or answers to unusual questions. It is easy to use and it adapts to the way you think and becomes more personalized the longer you use it.


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