Mobile Apps for Babies and Toddlers

Some may think that babies and tots are too young for these gadgets, but we shouldn’t underestimate their abilities and how Apps can help them learn or keep them busy when needed. We all know that Android gadgets, iPhones and iPads are not just limited to games and social networking tools. They also have entertaining and innovative applications for children. Choose from a long list of these entertaining applications and it may please you too. Here is a list of Apps which you can consider.

Sparkabilities Babies (iPhone, iPod Touch: $2.99, iPad: $4.99)

This interesting application has versions for one and two-year-olds. It requires minimal interaction. All you have to do is touch the icons in order to learn how to draw shapes, animal or babies. It has eight different segments which last for three to four minutes each. The main idea is for kids to recognize what is being shown on the screen after displaying it repetitively in different variations. It helps enhance a child’s memory and imagination.

Peekaboo Barn (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android: $1.99)

In Peekaboo Barn your child can find roosters, pigs, cows, goats and other animals found in a barn as its name suggests. They are featured in an animal recognition game. Tap on the red barn doors to see what animal is behind it. You can also play the sounds these animals make and it speaks and flashes its name on the screen. Advanced levels allow kids to identify the animals by looking at its photo or listening to the sounds they make.

PUZZINGO (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $1.99, Android: FREE)

It is easy to assume that it is a puzzle application, but its creators claim that it is not just that. It is the “greatest puzzle on earth”. This matching game lets kids put together parts of an airplane and also find shadows of animals inside a jungle.

Thomas & Friends Day of the Diesels (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $4.99)

This fun application is available is an exclusive iOS app. It contains puzzles, matching games and it has a virtual coloring book too.

Baby Soother 3-in-1 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: $1.99)

Baby soother is a 3-in-1 app which contains tranquil images and soundtracks of animated sunsets, aquariums and winter wonderlands. It is so effective that it can even help adults go to sleep.

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